Finding Your Project

Right now you may be very skeptical about how you will go about deciding where to start – and I completely understand! I recommend that if this is the case, you take the time now and work out what it is you are bringing to the table. If you have spent much of your adult life caring for others, running a home, or working for a paycheck without enthusiasm, you may no longer be in touch with what it is that you care most about sharing. Let’s start with some easy questions to help uncover your priorities.

Who are you?

What do other people tell you you are good at doing (outside work)? What is it you turn to do when you want to have a break? Is there something you used to love to do – and were really good at doing – but have let go over the years? Is there something you learned from your parents that you simply do, do after day, year after year? It may be something around the house or garden, but don’t underestimate the value of this knowledge! If you get any answers from these questions, write them down. This is an adventure you are on, and you will be collecting clues all along the way.

What do you know?

Now write down the skills you have acquired over the years – not just academic skills, go wide and include your ability to roller skate or water ski as well as your love for creating complex spreadsheets or organizing a fundraiser for the PTA. You undoubtedly have a lot more wisdom in your head than you probably give yourself credit for.

Remember, just because something is easy for you to do, it may be the most difficult task for someone else. For example, I have a friend who is a very conscientious and accurate book keeper, and I am a right brained creative who hates having to deal with my financial information. When we were chatting and I mentioned my ongoing resistance to tracking money, her comment was, “But that’s so easy!” A brief conversation that quickly revealed that her strength is my weakness, and I suspect a lot of other creative types would be equally thrilled to have her help them.

Digging Deeper

Here are some sites you can go to – to help get past your judgmental self-talk – to uncover more about who you are and what skills you have! Don’t forget to answer the questions with your first instinctive response, no over-thinking! Save your results.



Find your Archetype

Paid, but deeper information will be learned: Wealth Dynamics

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