Sample Projects

100 days book

Artist’s Monograph

This book contains the scans of every painting I created during a 100 day project to use an unfamiliar skill. I decided to try painting watercolor flowers, and some were better than others, so wanted one place where they could all be seen!

CD Cover

This sleeve, liner notes and CD illustration were created for an organist to illustrate great examples of his playing.

Website for History Book Lover

I met the owner of this site some years ago and we developed a site concept and structure fairly speedily. Since then we have worked on creating templates for emails, social media, and are currently working on a cap design as a gift for new members. Some projects just keep growing!

Site for Personal Career Counseling

I met the owner of this site nearly a decade ago when she was still working out what her passion project should be. After creating an amazing flower and gift shop, that tied her down too much, she decided that her skills lay in helping others find new directions for themselves. This site is her […]

Logo for a Dentist

After I had had my teeth cleaned, the dentist asked me if I would be interested in creating a new logo for her practice. We chatted and as I learned that this new practice was a very personal dream project for her. I created a number of logo concepts, and this was the one I […]

Retirement Project Site

A friend had recently moved into the area, and so was no longer able to maintain her weekly posts on the old community, but still itched to write. We came up with a combination of portfolio and blog site, highlighting past popular pieces as well as commenting on her new life. Grandchildren ultimately became a […]

My blog that became a book

When I graduated from Penn in 2007 I was thrilled to be back in the job market with freshly minted qualifications, but then I found that my age was a bigger hurdle to finding work. It was a shock to my system, and took some introspection to realize that I couldn’t turn back time, but […]

Logo for Personal Newsletter

I received an inquiry from someone on my site, an elderly gentleman, who wrote a newsletter for a local organization. He needed a logo for the masthead of this newsletter, and hadn’t been able to create one using¬† word processing software. I used the initials he gave me, but to this day don’t know the […]

Gift Book

I had an email from a Facebook friend asking if I could help. A group of women had decided it would be nice to thank a teacher with a book, but then all been too busy to follow through with the project – even though the teacher had been told to expect it on a […]

Poetry and Prose Book

I was approached while still a student to help lay out a biennial book of poetry and prose for a university department. It was a fascinating process, and one I have repeated six times so far. While it was for a department, so technically a group, I interacted only with one professor, so it felt […]

Travel Book

A couple of years ago my geologist daughter and I traveled to Yosemite together. We both took photos, and it was only when we got back and I compared the pictures and images we’d captured, how differently a designer and a geologist see the world. This book alternates the views from each of our perspectives.

Other Websites

I have designed several hundred websites, but many either no longer exist, have changed out of all recognition as others have taken over their running, or it was requested that I not publicize that I did the work on them. Please enjoy the following projects, knowing that I have created much, much, more than the […]

Book layout and cover

A book that I type set and then created the cover to accompany. I also liaised with the printing company.