Thinking about your WordPress Site

There may seem to be a lot of steps, but don’t panic! I’ll walk you through them one at a time and will point out what you need to know and what it is safe to ignore.

The first section will sound quite technical, but it only has to be done once for any site. If after you’ve tried this ‘recipe’ you are still completely overwhelmed, I can be hired as a consultant and I also build sites!

Why create a WordPress site?

This system doesn’t require you to know any ‘code’ or HTML. That makes it much easier for non-techies to create a site they can maintain and add to themselves.

WordPress was designed to be user-friendly, in fact it is “open source” software. This means that lots of people worked on the code and then made all their improvements openly available to everyone. With so many minds involved in developing the software, we all get to benefit from their tweaks and upgrades. Others develop extra code to make the sites work even better or do specific things, and once again we can all benefit from this mass project.

WordPress is free and very flexible, so every site can look different. This is in contrast to ‘template’ sites which tended to look much alike, and are hard to personalize.

Will I be building a blog or a website?

blogYour site can be whatever you want it to be! It can begin as a simple blog about your passion for gardenias, and grow over time to become an encyclopedic site about how to propagate and grow gardenias – with weekly blog posts to keep your readers informed and entertained! It can be whatever you want it to be.

When you pay for hosting you will have far more hosting space than you get with ‘free’ sites, and so can have several sites around your one domain you if you choose. Many people have more than one interest in life and different ways of viewing those interests, so now you can have a site to blog on, another to sell from, and yet another to display your ideas and inform others!

Since you give the time to set your site up, the only upfront costs are the domain name and hosting – which run to about 30 cents a day. Anything extra you choose to add is up to you, which makes it an affordable and flexible option for having a site.