Uncovering More About Your Knowledge

So with all that information rushing around inside your head, stop, rest, and let it settle. Start to look at what you you have uncovered that you know. Don’t let the “how” of what you could share stop you from letting all these ideas run freely around your head.

As your thoughts start to take form, make notes and make sure you understand what really matters to you, the wisdom you bring with you, and any themes you have uncovered from these exercises.

Here are some more ideas to try to help get around your conscious mind to see what may be lurking beneath…

Personal Time Line

An idea I found that was surprisingly revealing was to create a personal timeline. Get a piece of paper and starting with your birth, draw marks every 5 years. Now mark in significant things that happened to you – both good and bad – at different ages. Then summarize the key themes within age ranges, such as changing schools frequently, multiple family upsets, positive runs of success, career path, etc.

Now go in and ask your self what your achievements were, major turning points, when significant people came into – or left -your life, and if there are any recurring themes. Which elements are good enough to share? What good came out of negative events? What do the themes suggest you have been learning all your life? Does anything suddenly stand out for you as having been more important than you realized? What do your answers show you? Is there a an underlying trend/set of information you have been learning that has just appeared?

Questions to ask yourself

What Do I Love Most About My Career/Volunteer Activities?

If you have worked – for money or not – take out the most recent version of your resume and look at it objectively. (If you don’t have one, maybe its time to create one to record all that you have accomplished?) What are the things you have most enjoyed doing? Which projects brought you to life? Why do you think this is? Maybe it would help to circle the aspects that feel most positive. All these things reveal areas of your life you care most about.

What Do I Do When I Lose Track of Time?

What activities and tasks do you do that you are completely engaged in them?Lost in time? When you look up at the clock, thinking hardly any time has passed, and find that three hours have magically gone by.

These tasks could be part of your current job activities or they could be from your personal life, but they involve skills, practical or people skills, that you really look forward to doing or participating in.

Start thinking about these special moments and ask yourself: “What did I especially love about that activity? What was it about it that kept me so engaged?” The answers can help you understand what you are so good at, that you could share those skills.

What are My Strengths?

Take a moment and list all the things about you that you wouldn’t normally say about yourself – and brag a bit! /while you are feeling good about that – I hope – email three people you trust and ask them what they think your strengths are. You may not realize that the mundane things about you that you take for granted are the exact things other people like best about you!

Take a look at all the information you’ve gathered. What do you notice? What have you learned about yourself, and especially what it is that you are good at?

Don’t feel you have to get the answers right straight away, just allow yourself to just explore the ideas that have come up. Take a deep breath and start to think which ones are those you would most like to use to create a book, or share your information in some other way with others who could benefit from it.

Now it is time to share with me what you are thinking: