Which parts do you want to share?

So which parts of your story are important to share now? Which parts of your legacy will others want to learn and use to take with them into the future?

Will it be:

♦ memories of a specific time or event that helped form who you are, or made changes to the way you think about life

♦ art or photographs you have created over the years, and which tell a story about your development as an artist

♦ journeys and travels to places or at times that are no longer the same

♦ family stories and traditions – perhaps from the country(ies) of origin?

♦ achievements that you worked hard to gain

♦ skills you have learned over many years that others ask you to share with them

♦ interests that you have developed over many years

♦ career and work skills that you could teach to others

If any of these topics make you realize you do indeed have something (or many things!) to share, then it is time to start thinking about how you might want to go about it. Read how here…

Don’t forget!

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