Do I want a blog or a website?

Your site can be whatever you want it to be! It can begin as a simple blog about your passion for gardenias, and grow over time to become an encyclopedic site about how to propagate and grow gardenias – with weekly blog posts to keep your readers informed and entertained! It can be whatever you want it to be.

You can also build a site that has a blog on it – and have the best of both worlds! The blog could be the first page people see, with information pages alongside, or, as on this site, the blog is part of the site, but functions as one long series of informational pieces of information, as opposed to a page with just one idea on it.

When you pay for hosting you will have far more hosting space than you get with ‘free’ sites, and so can have several sites based around your main domain you if you choose. Most of us have more than one interest in life and different ways of viewing those interests, so now you can have a site to blog on, another to sell from, and yet another to display your ideas and inform others!

Since you give the time to set your site up, the only upfront costs are the domain name and hosting – which run to about 30 cents a day. Anything extra you choose to add is up to you, which makes it an affordable and flexible option for having a site.

So, do you want a blog or a website – or both?!




Planning your website

Planning your website is the next step as the idea of having a site of your own becomes more real. While you are in this mode, read through to see what you will need, and what the costs will be, as they are recurring. For the most part a domain name and hosting costs just pennies a day, but it is an important consideration.

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The steps are to flesh out your business concept: what do you want your site to do?

sell something?
sell many things?
sell a service?
provide information?
provide a platform to develop your concept?
a mixture of things?

Once you are clearer on what you want to do with your site, you will want to start thinking about a domain name. This name will reflect you concept, and perhaps your geographic location – if that is important.

Then you will need to review the cost of hosting your site. For the most part this is less than $6 per month, and there are many options.

Finally you will need to connect the domain to the hosting using nameservers.