I have worked with Gillian Lancaster for over 10 years on the ongoing development and updating of a complex American history website, History500.com. Gillian has been a pleasure to work with, both in the initial concept and development stages…and on an ongoing basis over the years. She is highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of web design, management and maintenance, particularly with WordPress and has helped develop and maintain a popular business Facebook page for History 500. Gillian is also highly reliable and fun to work with.

Kenneth Kraft 

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with Gillian. Concentrating on Photoshop, we found that one session a week created a good rhythm. Between sessions, I experimented on my own, so I had new questions each time we met. Gillian’s skills, honed at the University of Pennsylvania, surmounted every challenge. She is smart, mature, reliable, and free of personal agendas. Highly recommended!

Gillian has helped me create new materials for a Joomla website and manage existing components. She is an excellent teacher! She is able to problem solve and think outside the box.

If you don’t know one thing about websites, know one person: Gillian Lancaster. Rich in ideas, resources, as well as great good humour, she can build from nothing or fashion your existing into an eye-catching, business-drawing site to behold. On a scale of 1 to 10, think 15.

Gillian has worked on many design projects for me, and has consistently produced well-crafted work that was completed on, or before, the time requested. She communicates frequently and emails copies of the work as it progresses. Although living several states away, I can easily ask questions or request changes if needed.

Very practical advice. Highly knowledgeable about WordPress.

Gillian taught to my objectives. She is very inquisitive and discovery is a great way to learn. She helped me fix my broken website and she helped me learn tools to use myself. She’s a great instructor and I will come back to her soon.

Kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable!

Gillian was incredible! Very kind and super knowledgable about Adobe InDesign. We worked on a specific project together. She gave me the tools to finish the project and the understanding to problem solve in the future. I would highly recommend Gillian!


It was a joy to work with Gillian. She’s always accommodating and listens to what your needs and wants are before proceeding. She would always send me a “proof” before continuing to make sure it met my expectations. She was very patient and worked diligently with me so that the outcome was exactly what I envisioned. I couldn’t be happier with the website that she very quickly built for me. Not only is it attractive, it’s easy to update – even for me who is technology challenged.

Great first session!

Gillian is warm, confident, and knowledgeable. She really put my worries about building a website at ease. We’re just at the very beginning right now so I’m looking forward to more sessions together! Tal


For over fourteen years I’ve worked with Gillian Lancaster in the development of promotional materials that include; web site, brochures with response mailers, posters, email layouts, and posters for the Philadelphia Theological Institute. She has been able to create new and innovative solutions for PTI that have worked well, especially for a non-profit organization. I have found Gillian to be understanding, hardworking and able to do anything I’ve asked of her.




I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gillian on our projects. She is easy-going, personable, attentive to one’s concerns, and offers different and viable solutions to the design problems that arise as a matter of course. She has an openness of mind that is winning. I look forward to collaborating with her on our next venture.

Great sense of humor and so easy to work with.

When we ran into some snags with glitches with the InDesign system, Gillian was quick to find answers as to how to fix the glitches. Gillian makes learning fun and she is so patient.


Amazing tutor!

Gillian is a patient, professional, helpful tutor. I’m an InDesign novice, and she’s helped me feel more confident using this program. She’s also very encouraging. I’ve already scheduled a third lesson with her. 



Learning Feels Light-Hearted with Gillian
Gillian was responsive to what I needed done and answered and when. She was very knowledgeable about WordPress and a problem-solver. She was also sensitive to the content of my website. She likes to laugh, and that makes learning more fun.   Bess


Creative, knowledgeable, positive.

As a novice with InDesign, yet needing to turn in a book proposal the next day, exclusively created in InDesign, I was in pickle. Gillian dove right in with me, able to teach me the program, while simultaneously creating the proposal. Gillian gave me some good design tips as well.


Great session!
Gillian showed me how to do WordPress. Gillian was very friendly and was a great help. I’m planning on meeting her again to get some more help.   Farida


Knowledge, patient, and good humored tutor!

Gillian is wonderful. We encountered roadblock after roadblock on my website. She was patient and knowledgeable and walked me through each step. She’s lovely to work with. Great communication skills; she’s incredible patient; and an excellent teacher. Highly recommend.   Jennifer


Helpful and knowledgeable!

Gillian helped me so much with a project that felt impossible at the start. She gave clear directions, had a kind demeanor, and had so much helpful knowledge to help me accomplish what I needed to. Thanks!  Makenzie


She knows her stuff, and she’s patient, kind and good humored!

I’ve completed some challenging projects lately but the Italian flag on this one was really stumping me. Gillian was way beyond my expectations. We worked hard and had some laughs. She’s definitely got that British sense of humor. She’s bloody brilliant! I was in a pickle and she got me out of it. In a very short amount of time she solved my issues and I learnt a lot. I will call her again when I’m stymied.


Knowledgeable and Patient Teacher

She not only helped teach me the mechanics of WordPress but shared her wisdom on the graphic design of my website. Immediately upon ending my first session just now, I have signed on for another lesson with her.



Beyond my expectations!

My first Wyzant lesson and I feel very fortunate to have had Gillian as my tutor. She is easy to talk to and very encouraging. I felt empowered and can’t wait for my next session. It felt really good to have support from someone who understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by technology and WordPress. Gillian is a gem! ?


Very patient and knowledgable.

Gillian was a huge help in getting my website more personalized and helping with some of the more detailed parts of wordpress that I am still learning. She is extremely pleasant to talk with and very knowledgable of wordpress and what content I need on my site.