Hello, I’m Gillian

A Web and graphic designer

Design help from someone older than your favorite jeans

I have been designing websites and print collateral for individuals, churches, and civic groups for over 20 years.

Currently I work with individuals on their retirement – or post-retirement – design projects, or help them learn how to do it themselves! Watch this video to see what I mean!

Prep your book for print

Take that idea from a word file to a self-published book. I’ll help you lay it out in the required format and guide you through the process of publishing it.

Build an information site

You have accumulated so much knowledge and wisdom, so now is the time to share it. Who knows where it might take you?

Create a Blog

Not ready to create a full website? Let me help you set up a blog where you can reveal as little – or as much – as you wish, whenever you feel like it! Capture an adventure, a journey, memories, or everyday life.

Get a Social Media Prescence

It isn’t just for the kids! You can also have profiles on social media sites where you can share thoughts, photos, find a place to stay or share experiences.

Learn how to video chat

Did you know you can now chat face to face around the world from your phone and computer? Let me help you set up your accounts so you can connect, or reconnect, with friends and family around the world.


Need help with some design software? Book a session with me and I will talk you through the process and help you grow your skills.

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