There is something about September that offers us the chance to start over again. Even though many of us are beyond school age we get another chance to review our goals and hopes for the year, safe and warm in the “back to school” glow of new things to learn.

As adults our lives seldom proceed as smoothly as the school year! Our great promises to ourselves on January 1 have receded in the busy-ness of everyday life. The projects we promised ourselves we would start got side tracked by doctor’s appointments, taxes, friends and family – not to mention the strong pull of continuing to do what feels safe and familiar. To start over on a project sometimes makes us feel as though we have failed, but in reality, the timing just wasn’t right the first time around.

Maybe one of your goals for this year was to start your own business, based on a passion you have, or knowledge you have gained, or information you have accumulated over the years. Friends have told you many times that you should write a book or somehow package your knowledge to help others, but you have hesitated. Here we are again at the cusp of another school year, and it is a great time to get started on your business! The days are getting longer, so you aren’t going to be outside so much, and the fall TV schedule is a little underwhelming, so the time is ripe for your start over!

If you are not sure how to put your ideas together into a business, that isn’t a problem! We can talk or Skype and I will help you uncover the ways you could create a product from what you know, and suggest ways to promote it. I would almost certainly suggest a website, and can certainly help you with that, both in creating it, and also helping you learn how to use it – or do the updating for you if it is all just too baffling. The good news is that no one knows quite what their business will look like when they start. One of the few certainties is that it will change several times before you sit back and say, “Yes, that is how it should look!” Very few people are born with the skill to “just know” how to create a successful business, so plan to enjoy the ride – and the currently unknown destination you will reach. I promise that you will find you know so much more that you currently think you do by the end of this process. Wouldn’t that make a great story to tell over the holidays?!

So, if last January – or any January before this past one – you started to think you might want to build a small business for yourself, the time is here to renew that resolution! Just remember that you don’t have to have everything mapped out before you start, all you have to do is click here and let me know you are ready to start over.