Your business/dream/concept is uniquely yours, and in order to let the world know about it, the message you put out needs to be consistent. This is called ‘branding’ – and is much more fun than it sounds!

Once you have a marker for your business, be it a website, a bricks and mortar store – or in the case of one client – a business card design you love, we need to build everything else to match it. This includes using the same fonts, the same colors, the same logo, same photos, etc. The layouts will be different, but when they are seen, it should be clear that they all belong to the same person/idea/product.

Some branding options include – but are not limited to:

  • business card
  • logo design
  • letterhead
  • envelope
  • mailing labels
  • one sheet flyer
  • postcard
  • tri-fold brochure
  • notecard
  • folder
  • bookmark
  • PowerPoint or Keynote template

It may be that you already have some of your branding items in place, and you need a wider range of items, or more of the same. Whatever it is, just let me know!