It has been awhile since I’ve talked about the people who it is most fun to work with, so I have been thinking about the specific qualities of my perfect clients! There have been so many lovely people I have worked with over the years,  many of whom have continued to work with me for extended periods. Some go and later return return to get their project back on track, others reappear because they’ve come up with a new project, and other wonderful souls arrive with new clients for me!

So what traits do my perfect clients have in common? Ironically, most are concerned they lack tech skills, and many are afraid of putting their work out in public. Both these fears are groundless, as with very few exceptions they are good learners,  and once they discover how hard you have to work to get found online, realize that not getting their work found is actually the least of their concerns!

All have been smart, inquisitive people, eager to undertake a new journey of their own choosing. They’ve all had intriguing stories to tell, interests to share, and passions to explain. Even better, they’ve challenged me, so I’ve been inspired learn new things so I could better help them – and future clients!

What other habits do my perfect clients have? All are very invested in getting their project off the ground and working. They are paying for my help, so we both strive to make the most of the time together.  It is exhilarating to work with people who are eager to learn!

Another trait I’ve noticed is that all my clients have been amazingly respectful of the work time. On the rare occasions they are sick or life happens, they let me know – and amazingly quickly. A couple of weeks ago I had a text from a client who was snowed in at an airport and so unable to make our appointment the next morning. I was very touched by this show of responsibility, and texted them back to get home safely, and that we could reschedule for the following week.

I’ve also noticed that my clients are no-nonsense, decent people. When they can’t understand how to do a task they say so, or if the pace we’ve set is too fast or too slow, they say so. A really lovely level of honesty exists, which  makes working together so rewarding.

My ideal clients

So, if you have a passion to share, are smart, eager to learn,  responsible, and an all round decent human being, I think we would get on well together! I have openings for a few more perfect clients, so if you feel you qualify, please click on the link to book a free 30 minute consultation so we can get started!