Social Media can be a confusing field to enter if you haven’t much experience with it. As the internet expands, social media marketing becomes a medium you need to embrace, but don’t worry! I’ll help you find the varieties that will best help get your dream out to others who will want to know about it.


I can help you set up a page for yourself, your business or hobby. It can be a simple or as complicated as you wish it to be.



I can help you set up a Twitter account and show you how to use it. I can also help design a background pattern or information panel that will make it match your site.



I can help you set up your information and to connect with others in your field.



I can help you turn your presentation into a video and then post it to YouTube. I will help you set up your own channel and work with you on selecting keywords that will get your video found.



I can help you upload your photos so others can see them – including images of the things you have made and perhaps want to sell.



Need help understanding Pinterest and how to set it up? Let me help you learn how to use it to promote your organization, business or products!