Women have super powers they use everyday – and they are so much better than the powers mere cartoon superheroes can display!

When trouble calles, at some time we’ve all kind of wished a superhero or superheroine would swoop in and save the day. Sadly this scenario seldom happens, so for the last fifty or so years of our lives we have had to step up to be our own superheroes and save the day. If you’ve stayed alive this far, then you have several well-used super powers under your belt!

So why haven’t you heard about them before, and what on earth are they, you are asking yourself.(You are, aren’t you?!)

Let’s start with all the times someone has asked you, “How do I…?”. or “Where is the…?”. or Mum, why is the….?” – and without missing a beat you have given them the answer they needed! By living this long, you have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom, some intentionally, some by osmosis, and some because you just had to figure things out. Over the course of the last half century, you have learned so much, you are now a bona fide wise woman because your first super power in knowledge.

You will also have at some time become so completely absorbed by a task, a book, a view, or when driving that a long period of time will have passed before you “return” to the present. It is when you are in this state of oblivion, when you feel free and peaceful, that you are closest to your passion. So your next superpower is your ability to be passionate about something, and it rewards you with absorption and peace.

You will also have stepped up and done things that felt awkward, uncomfortable – and downright terrifying – through your years. Bravery is often seen as a masculine trait, but while going into battle requires bravery, constantly stretching yourself requires multiple bursts of bravery – and usually without your buddies along side. No matter how few or how many times you have been brave, it probably still takes effort to go outside your comfort zone, but you do it, so bravery is also one of your much-used super powers.

If you are this site, you are about to have to use these same super powers to help yourself. To come up with a project that is interesting and consuming enough to turn into the seeds of a something new, maybe even a new business – requires delving deep into your memories to recall all you know on the subject – or who you lent your books to so you can get them back! You already know that your topic can bring you peace and make you feel whole, so that is a good place to be as you set out on this road. The biggest superpower you are going to have to draw on is your bravery.

Most woman can be really brave when defending members of their family, but become oddly diffident when it comes to defending themselves. Starting a new project is not a simple task, or everyone would do it. It is like building an iceberg in some ways – the 10% of the idea that becomes visible to the public takes 90% of the worry, decision-making, overcoming fears of inadequacy, becoming assertive about your passion, and committing time and money on a venture others might not see the value in doing.

I know you have the necessary super powers to succeed. I’ve seen you on the street, in the playground, and out and about. I know that you can protect and assert yourself for others, and now I want to see you using your super powers to help yourself.