Teaching and learning have been the main trends for me this past year. With Covid more people were willing to learn on line, so I taught many people than usual, which was very rewarding. I taught how to use InDesign, Photoshop, plus marketing and web design skills. I also helped problem solve many dilemmas people found themselves with, and enjoyed being able to help them out. In the process I realized I needed to hone my skills to better help with more technical questions, as well as to learn new design software for my own benefit.

It has always been my policy to be supportive and encouraging when teaching, as no one needs to be belittled. It was also astonishing how much people knew how to do when they weren’t feeling stressed or anxious about the process. I love it when at the end of our time together we’ve found a solution, or I promise to go away and find a better solution for the next time we work together. This past year my CSS skills have been tested and expanded, and I am mid way through an online course to learn more. I’ve also been tested in finding new plugins for sites that can perform more complex and higher level functions. As a result my knowledge of the minutiae of setting up a WooCommerce site has also been expanded.

Regular graphic design work has been exciting and interesting as manuscripts were dusted off and my services were sought to type set the text, create a cover, then negotiate the printing world with my clients. One book that is almost ready for publishing is this one. It took a surprisingly long time to make the layout and cover reflect the rather quirky story it tells. This a proof copy, so one more session should see this off to the printer’s for printing.I have also been busy creating some of my own books for my Etsy shop. They have all arisen from a specific need a friend or neighbor has expressed. It feels good to create an item that can be used.


For myself I have been learning about UI and UE for help with website production, audio and video editing. I also really want to learn Procreate on my iPad. Somehow it is always last on the list. So teaching and learning goes two ways. I share what I know, and in turn am challenged to learn even more!