As you have started to read about WordPress, you may have found some of the information to be contradictory. This may be due to there being two versions of WordPress… both of which are different, and both of which are referred to as “WordPress”. Let me explain!

This is the ‘simple’ version of WordPress. They offer the basic structure, and you can create a site using a free or purchased theme, but you can’t add plugins to do anything beyond those that are provided. Since there are a finite number of set themes, your site will look a lot like many others, making it harder to brand yourself or your idea. Your site’s url (web address) will include before your chosen name, which is a giveaway to savvy visitors that you haven’t invested in your brand.

This is the more complex version, but in my opinion, the better option. Once you have researched and purchased your domain and hosting, the site is entirely yours. It is possible to build the site yourself, most reputable hosting companies offer a ‘one-click’ installation of WordPress, and there are numerous free themes and plugins available through a quick search from the ‘dashboard’ or back end of the site. You can get your hands dirty and create a site that reflects your brand with just a few clicks! It can get more complicated beyond the basics,