While there are many options for getting your idea online, I strongly believe you should have a WordPress website to call your own! While you have been considering what your passion project will be, you may not have spend much time thinking about how to promote it, but WordPress comes with lots of the things Google likes right out of the box, and other elements can be added or enhanced by adding a plugin or two.

Hardcore designers will suggest that only hand coded sites can be considered to be “real” websites, but I began building WordPress websites for clients because they could use them, add to them and feel at ease with them. I want my clients to have their own unique website to reflect who they are and what their passion is, but the real work continues for many years after the original building. While I’m happy to see to the maintenance and updating of sites, I love to see people take ownership of their sites and feel confident about adding text and images to it – maybe even changing colors and fonts if they feel like it! I want clients to feel empowered by their websites, not intimidated by them.

So what is so great about having a WordPress website?

First of all WordPress is “open source” software, which means that the great minds and techs keep adding to it and updating it – without charge to you and me. When I build a WordPress website for you, you will have to update it fairly often, but in doing so, you are getting the latest security features and options available.

Secondly, you don’t ever have to touch a scrap of code to use your WordPress website. You certainly can if you wish, but all the extra features are added via “plugins” which perform a specific function on your site. They could ask people to “like” your site, or keep them out if they shouldn’t be trying to get in. Plugins can display your photos in a slide show or allow you to email people every time you write a new post. These examples are even less than the tip of the plugin options, as at the time of writing there are 37,905 free plugins available from WordPress.org and thousands more plugins in addition that are sold by their developers.

Thirdly WordPress websites are reliable, even when huge sites are built on the platform. Amongst big companies and entities who trust WordPress for their websites are: The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety, Sony, MTV, eBay, Best Buy, Xerox, Nokia, Ford, fortune, Time, The New York Times, Marks & Spencer, The Harvard Business Review and The Rolling Stones – to name just a very few. (Source WPBeginner.com) If organizations as prominent as these feel confident in having a WordPress website, then I think you can feel confident too!

Most importantly for you, is that a WordPress website is user-friendly. If you were a techie you would have built a site for yourself, so that you are here suggests that you are more interested in growing your passion project than getting bogged down in technicalities. With a little training before handing off your site to you and access to my online tutorials you will have no difficulty adding text and images to your website – as and when you choose!